Sunday, January 15, 2012

The beauty of the Ice Festival in China

Ice and snow festival will be held again in the coldest regions in mainland Harbin, China. Ahead of the opening day, the ice sculptors look started to fight the cold temperatures to minus 15 degrees Celsius all look perfect.

The annual festival that enters the 28th year that the theme of Disney. Various Disney characters on the building complete with the playing area. All formed from ice and snow covering dilahan six hundred thousand square meters.

According to the manager, it takes 180 thousand cubic meters of ice and 600 thousand cubic meters of snow with a processing time of 15 to 17 days to build this world of ice and snow. During the festival period, visitors can also try the sensation of swimming in the river ice-cold water and enjoy the exhibition of ice lanterns at night. Harbin ice and snow festival will be open January 5th next.

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