Friday, January 7, 2011

Makam Sultan Iskandar Muda

Sultan Iskandar Muda is an important figure in the history of Aceh. Aceh has experienced the heyday, when the Sultan's reign in the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam in the year 1607-1636 he was able to put the Islamic kingdom of Aceh in ranked fifth among the largest empire in the world of Islam in the 16th century. At that time Banda Aceh which was the center of the Kingdom of Aceh, a bustling commercial port areas because it deals with international trade, especially the area where the Strait of Malacca archipelago is shipping traffic of foreign merchant ships to transport the produce of Asia into Europe. He could do justice, even against his biological child. Narrated, Sultan has two sons / daughters. One of them named Meurah Pupok who likes to race kuda.Tetapi Meurah bad behavior, he was caught having an affair with a man's wife. What caught her husband, in his own house as well. The husband pulled rencong, ditusukkannya into the body of the wife of the unfaithful. The husband then reported directly to the Sultan, and after that in front of the king, the husband then berharakiri (suicide) Sultan, who by his people respected as wise and fair king, so angry. Meurah Pupok disusulnya the racecourse and dipancungnya (killed) himself in public. Then there arose a greeting of pride the people of Aceh: Indigenous Temeuruhoom Po basin, Kuala Hukom tub. Indigenous maintained Sultan Iskandar Muda, was the implementation of religious law or under consideration Kuala. Cheap Pupok buried in the cemetery complex of the famous Dutch army under the name "KerKhoff Peutjoet".

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