Monday, April 9, 2012

Must See

  Aceh is rich of events, attraction and unique cultures that will fascinate anyone. Aceh is also rich in natural beauty, waves and sea garden which is suitable for diving. Some of the most beautiful Aceh tourism and historical sites and beaches have been damaged by the massive earthquake and Dec '04 Tsunami.
Highlights: The Baiturrahman Great Mosque, Aceh State Museum, The Graves of Sultan Iskandar Muda and of Teungku Syiah Kuala, Salahuddin Graveyard in Bitay (Turkey village), Ujong Batee and Lampuuk Beaches, Tjut Nyak Dien Museum, Rubiah Sea Garden, Simpang Balok Hot Water Pool, Linga Isaag Hunting Area, Leuser National Park, Cakra Donya Bell, remains of the Samudra Pasai Kingdom and Teungku Chik Di Tiro Heros Cemetery.

Banda Aceh is now a visa-on-arrival entry point.

By Plane.. 
   Banda Aceh is now a visa-on-arrival entry point.

Ther are two direct international flights to Banda Aceh. Air Asia offers flights from Kuala Lumpur Malaysi.
 While Firefly connects four times a week from Penang Malaysia. Prices of tickets range from 15 to 70USD.
Indonesian consulates and embassies abroad also issue 60 day tourist visas.

 Domestically, there are daily flights between Jakarta and Banda Aceh by Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Sri Wijaya.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012